Knock Out Roses – Quick Growing

Knock Out Roses  At Top Choice Lawn Care we cut back knock-out roses substantially…very substantially. At first it looks extreme, and we have to have conversations with customers explaining the reasoning and reassuring them that they will come back strong. Many people let their roses grow without a significant cut back resulting in “leggy” roses. […]

Good landscaping article

Short post: We like to write about what is going on in Central Texas and in the process we run into a good number of resources and blogs that are valuable. I wanted to share one today.  100 Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards and Backyards Cheers!

Live Oak Leaves

Warning…this song will get in your head. It’s raining leaves! Hallelujah! It’s raining leaves! (Think – “It’s raining men” – this is a ridiculous music video) Live oaks leaves Live oaks are called live oaks because they rarely fully shed their leaves – they are semi-deciduous. Several times per year there is a large leaf […]

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