Aggie Football 2018

Dear Top Choice Family, 

As you know, the one and only illustrious Gary Hunt no longer spends his hours hanging out at the Top Choice Office. He is off to bigger and better things…you should give him a call if you are looking for pressure washing… but, he sent me an email the other day about his take on the upcoming Aggie football season. AS you may or may not know, I attended Texas A&M and Gary and I often converse on the woes and glories of Kyle field. Gary usually does most of the talking and I do the listening. Below you will see an email he sent me recently about the upcoming season (starts this Thursday). 


I thought you might like some thoughts on the Ag’s as we are now seven days away from kickoff. 

Having said that, I must say that Joseph impressed me as someone who was more “aware” of the happenings at Aggieland as it relates to football than yourself, so I am copying him more to get his take so he can tell me if I am full of crap (in which case I would like, and respect, his perspective.)

Regardless, here is my take as of today, with the right to adjust as things progress or (God forbid) digress. 

The big question revolves around what one thinks Jimbo can do with the veterans he inherited from Sumlin………that is really the one, big, question; is Jimbo capable of taking guys he did not recruit and turn them into something better than, even they, thought possible.

Hunt’s Take: I think he is capable of accomplishing this because he is not just a coach who was at a “U of H” type school and then vaults into the big leagues.

At quarterback, Jimbo should announce the starter very soon and while the money is on Starkel, Mond started getting some love last week (seems to be head to head for the next few days.)

Hunt’s Take: Don’t know, don’t care, I plan to leave this with the coaching staff.

Questions remains with the offensive line; as the O-Line goes, so goes any football team. We have two sophomores at tackles. McCoy started at guard and has been moved back to center (Prater just can’t get it done). The new scheme will help the line, and all of them played last year, so maybe things will improve.

Hunt’s Take: It is going to take four or five games before these guys start playing as a unit (which is why I am, nearly certain, 

Dec 4, 2017; College Station, TX, USA; Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher was gifted a pair of custom Texas A&M cowboy boots at the press conference held at the Hall of Champions in Kyle Field. Mandatory Credit: C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports

We only have one scholarship running back. That proves Sumlin was an idiot. Jimbo did get some good out of state recruits last February, so the incoming freshman will have to step up.

Hunt’s Take: The one we do have is all-world and, barring injury, we should be just fine. (With injury………..gulp.)

Out four linebackers are really good, but no depth. Can not afford any injuries.

Defensive line is probably the strongest unit. Even Daylon Mack is stepping up to be a starter and Tre Brown, the freshman, is getting a lot of mention as a beast at end.

Hunt’s Take: We do have a real, run-stopping, front unit and great LB’s when someone breaks free so I think our Run-D will be awesome. 

Receivers don’t have a lot of catches from last year, but they are a quality group. Quartney Davis is coming back from a ACL and looks to be a starter on the outside.

Hunt’s Take: This is going to be a new ballgame in that Jimbo will not have to count on having to have a ton a receivers to get through the season.

Defensive backs should be much improved. Chavis had a poor scheme that left his corners without help, and they couldn’t cover man to man. Elko runs multiple coverages and has moved to smaller and faster corners.

Hunt’s Take: I think this is our weakness, however if this group comes together our total “D” will be, almost, as good as anyone in the SEC.

End of Season Guess:

8-4 looks to be doable but if that ball does not bounce the right way in a game then 7-4 and if it does then 9-3 is not out of the question.

I am basing this on being 2-2 after game four; if we are 3-1 then the 9-3 looks very possible.


Two more recruiting classes and Jimbo will have his team and I think he will start to deliver what we all need (which is winning the SEC West…………..I am not even think National Championship as too many variables get in the way to predict.)