Aggies Vs. Florida

Recap Texas A&M vs Florida

Win 19-17


Holy Crap!

Someday these boys will win one without all the drama and suspense; if not, I might not live through the season.

Having said the above, they sure do make it fun and anytime a team can go into The Swamp and leave with a win it deserves a “well-done” regardless of the score. I cannot recall exactly but it is something like the Gators have only lost at home a handful of times in the past thousand years………maybe in the last five-hundred years, I forget.

Florida out preformed A&M in nearly every critical statistical measurement in football yet they lost.

For Example:

  • 1st Downs: Florida-17/A&M-10
  • Rushing Yards: Florida-242/A&M-83
  • Passing Yards: A&M-180.Florida-129
  • Total Yards: Florida-371/A&M-263
  • Number of Plays: Florida-68/A&M-62
  • Average Yards per Play: Florida-5.5/A&M-4.2
  • Time of Possession: Florida-33.14/A&M-26.42

So, it was luck we beat Florida? No, not by a long shot, we beat the Gators because:

  1. Defense:

  • The Aggies had five sacks in the game and all seemed to come at very critical moments.
  • To coin a very old phrase, the Ag-D did a lot of bending but did not break when it really mattered.
  • The stats above assume one major component: You will score with all the yardage gained and that did not happen Saturday evening because our AG-D kept them out of the end zone by making the plays that, quite simply, had to happen at that moment.
  • In that all important 4th Quarter the Aggies allowed Florida one first down, intercepted a pass, and only gave up a total of twenty-seven yards; very impressive.
  1. Kellen Mond:

  • Knowing when to tuck-and-run and doing some efficiently and with purpose in light of the fact that our running game had come to a standstill.
  1. David LaCamera:

  • Four for Four including the game winner with under a minute left.
  • To be more accurate, LaCamera actually went five for five including the one he made and had to re-kick due to Motion penalty against the Ag’s.
  • For the season he is 14-16 with a kicking percentage of .875.
  • David deserves the SEC Special Teams Player of the Week with his performance.
  1. Miscellaneous:

  • Kirk’s big return to open the Aggie’s last drive.
  • Controlling the ball in the 4th Quarter (we kept the ball for 9:17 and allowed Florida only one first down.)

As We Move Forward Some Food for Thought

Running Game:

  • Our Running Game has come to a complete standstill and that must mean our O-Line is having problems (as our backs are healthy and we know they can gain yardage.)
  • Kellen Mond is having to carry too much of the run game; remember Ag’s he is (really) our only QB and losing him now might result in the collapse everyone in the media (or as Coach Sabin said “Rat Poison”) is predicting…………don’t laugh as I still think had Trevor Knight not been injured when he was the Aggies win an additional one, or more likely, two games last season. It is a dangerous thing when the QB must “tuck and run.”
  • As well, if we could establish even an okay run game it opens the pass game up so much but we cannot have game where we rush for less than 100 yards and expect to beat anyone other than Ole Miss and New Mexico State (unless our “D” simply shuts someone down in total.)

Coach Sumlin:

Firing an employee of consequence (e.g. not just anyone) is a decision which should be made very carefully and after great thought (unless they are lying, cheating and/or stealing, getting drunk in a company truck, harassing people, etc.)

The reason is that firing an employee is a failing on both parts (to a degree.) Yes, the employee did not live up to our expectations but we did hire the person after all……….so, one should give a great deal of thought before pulling “that” switch because firing creates turmoil or, in technical terms; it is a royal pain in the ass.

I mention the above as (my opinion) I believe if Sumlin:

  • Does not win eight games he should be let go.
  • If he wins eight games the decision to keep him or let him go should be based on the overall performance in the losses (i.e. are we competitive but just do not win?)
  • If he wins nine games then he should stay and I say that without hesitation.

Personally, I hope he wins nine regular season games and a bowl game and ends the season with ten wins.