Aggies vs. South Carolina Recap

Review TAMU vs. South Carolina 2017

Win 24-17


I finally know a few things about the Aggies:

  • These boys do like to make games exciting.
  • This group of youngsters has put the failings in the UCLA game far into the back of their minds. Both in the Arkansas game and this most recent one against South Carolina, quitting was not an option; the boys were there to win the ballgame.
  • We have a very capable defense against the run game and with the SEC leading (351 rushing yards per game) Crimson Tide heading into Kyle this Saturday we are going to need every bit of that skill. As we look forward in the season Bama, Auburn, Miss State and LSU can all run the ball well and Bama is 4th in the Nation in Rushing Yards Per Game.)
  • Our interior line is very, very capable and I actually look forward to seeing them this Saturday against a powerhouse running team.
  • The Aggies give up way too many big plays while on Defense or there will come a weekend it cost us a ballgame.
  • Kellen Mond is beginning to establish himself as a capable QB and being able to run the offense effectively. For example, through five games Mond (passing only) is 69 of 126 for a 54.8% completion rate with an average of 121.2 passing yards per game. However, in the last three games Mond is 54 of 88 for a 61.4% completion rate with an average of 225.3 passing yards per game. Meaning, Kellen Mond is becoming a much better passer and doing so quickly.
  • We have had a couple of long TD’s via our passing game but those were not “long” passes. In the Arkansas game Mond completed a 22 yard pass to Kirk who turned it into an 81 yard TD………it was not a long pass. So, the Ag’s need to: 1.) Let Mond throw 30 yard and under passes and 2.) Just a few bombs until he progresses to that level.
  • Keith Ford is, in one word, a “beast.” Last week I said he might be playing on Sunday in the future so let me say “keep this up and you will be drafted in the top five rounds.” Ford is listed at 215 (as of last week) and I’d bet his body-fat is in the single digits…
  • Our Linebackers are showing something the Ag’s have not seen since the 90’s; speed, size, agility, ability to fill the gap and a willingness to fly to the ball.
  • The A&M secondary needs to improve on allowing the deep ball. In every game this season it has been proven that this is the one major weakness in our defense. This is going to be very important against the quality passing teams we have left to play (Ole Miss, Auburn and LSU all throw the ball well with Ole Miss ranked 8th in the Nation in Passing Yards Per Game.)
  • I am very happy to see that the Ag’s have depth at, nearly, every position and I am especially happy with the depth we have in the O-line. In fact, we are more than two-deep in three O-line spots and that allows for fresh legs late in the game. It is amazing what twelve or fifteen less plays to a “Big Ugly” can mean late in the 4th

The Upcoming Alabama Game

On a warm, clear November day in 2012 Johnny Football and an Aggie team full of confidence and vinegar road into Tuscaloosa, Alabama ‘s Bryant-Denny Stadium and in front of 101,821 people beat the #1 ranked Crimson Tide. That victory showed the college football world they could compete with anyone. In fact, I still believe that on the day the Aggies beat (to death) OU in the Cotton Bowl they were the best team in college football.

Having said that, if you want to see the Aggies win this coming Saturday go back and watch a re-run of the 2012 game because we are going to lose by three or four touchdowns.

If we could keep it to a ten points, or less, loss that would be a huge lift for the Ag’s for the remainder of the season.

However, The Ag’s could win if:

  • We score 40 points.
  • Get +3 Turnovers. And,
  • Jalen Hurts has the flu and cannot suit up (in fact, I would prefer he does not even get on the plane.)