Knock Out Roses – Quick Growing

Knock Out Roses  At Top Choice Lawn Care we cut back knock-out roses substantially…very substantially. At first it looks extreme, and we have to have conversations with customers explaining the reasoning and reassuring them that they will come back strong. Many people let their roses grow without a significant cut back resulting in “leggy” roses. […]

Good landscaping article

Short post: We like to write about what is going on in Central Texas and in the process we run into a good number of resources and blogs that are valuable. I wanted to share one today.  100 Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards and Backyards Cheers!

Live Oak Leaves

Warning…this song will get in your head. It’s raining leaves! Hallelujah! It’s raining leaves! (Think – “It’s raining men” – this is a ridiculous music video) Live oaks leaves Live oaks are called live oaks because they rarely fully shed their leaves – they are semi-deciduous. Several times per year there is a large leaf […]

Common Winter Weed – Dandelion

Dandelions  Can be found in all 50 States (even Hawaii and Alaska) My kids’ favorite (we always look for them) Stems used in salads by some.  Could have valuable health effects when eaten. Deep Taproot The yellow flower has been used in dyes Broad leaf – how it’s classified for weed treatments.  A potential source […]

Crape Myrtles of Central Texas

Crape Myrtles of Central Texas There are over 100 varieties of Crape Myrtles in Texas.  Varieties can differ in mature height (3 feet to 40 feet) and in mature form (Tree, Miniature, shrub-like and weeping).  Colors include white, many shades of pink, purple and red. For a great resource on all things Crape Myrtle, visit […]

False Spring

False Spring Central Texas likes to throw a couple of false springs into the mix each year – this year is no exception. As you drive around town, you will notice some blooms. They are beautiful and fun, but they are deceiving. Below you will see three different flowering trees – a couple of pear […]

Irrigation and Sod

Here is a quick run through of a recently completed installation. We get many opportunities each year to install sod and repair irrigation systems, but this was a great example of a start-to-finish full installation of a full irrigation system and new yard of Zorro Zoysia.  Irrigation Installation Plan Permitting As you probably know, working […]

Prepare your Turf

Another post brought to you from your friend John.  How Can I Get My Yard Ready This Spring? The winter here in Austin is mild compared to other parts of the country, which is one of the reasons I love it here so much! Even though it is mild we still need to do several […]

Funny Phone Bingo

Laughing at Work We like to do great work, and we like to have fun in the process – why not? If you are like most of us, we spend more awake hours at work, than at home – you might as well enjoy it.  Last week we decided to play “funny Phone Bingo”.  As […]

Interesting Landscaping Factoids

Brought to you from your good friend Tommy: Interesting Landscaping Factoids Here are some interesting facts about lawns and landscaping that I found searching the internet. There are about 21 million acres of grass in the United States in back yards and front lawns. That’s a lot of grass to cut. Lawns have actually been […]

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