Drip Irrigation – Trees

How to irrigate trees (and how not) People ask me about their irrigation system installation quite often. Usually, it’s the “should this be done this way?” kind of questions.  As a long time repair technician I could tell you several stories but one of my favorites is one from my first employer.  His first irrigation […]

Irrigation – Winter

This question comes up pretty frequently. “Why did my irrigation stuff freeze this year?!” Sometimes it is a repeat incident – 3rd year in a row. Sometimes a valve or backflow preventer has been good for a decade (and then it busts due to weather). We see many above ground backflow preventers (like the picture) […]

Leaf Season

Why do leaves fall?  Gravity.  We are always here for useful outdoor knowledge. Just let us know. 

Flagstone Patio – Before and After

Our Team

These guys are awesome. The guys that are out there every day, in 100+ degree weather, they are awesome. I (Nolan the office guy) marvel consistently at their work ethic, resiliency, consistency, and drive. Sometimes I forget stuff in my car and I have to go outside to get it. I come back inside and […]

Tree Trimming

We Love Trees At Top Choice we love trees.  All sorts of trees.  When we started improving the landscape at our shop, the first thing we did was plant new trees, followed closely by taking better care of the beautiful native oaks on the lot.  We planted trees before we even thought of putting down […]

Bird of Paradise – Pride of Barbados

Native to the Austin area, the Red Bird of Paradise is a favorite for summer blooms. Every summer the shrub is covered in a dazzling display of orange-red flowers that can last from March until October. The eight-inch flowers appear in a pyramid-like shape. Growing up to 8 feet, the red bird of paradise produces […]

Live Oaks – Water Sprouts and Suckers

If you live in Austin, we guarantee you’ve seen more than a few Live Oak trees. They are native, evergreen, and don’t need too much water to be healthy. However, Live Oaks are notorious for producing small, fast-growing off shoots commonly known as water sprouts or suckers. They can appear for a variety of reasons: […]

Potato Vines

Sweet Potato Vines               As we swing into the seventh month of the year, one of the most common points of conversation is the intense heat that Texas is known to bring. It can be tricky to keep many plants not only alive, but healthy when the long summer sun comes out, but there are […]

Bradford Pear

Bradford Pear               A staple of southern landscaping, Bradford Pear Trees can be spotted in many Texas lawns from Austin all the way to Tyler. With an appearance of being covered in snow (when blooming), they have a unique sense of beauty and can be trusted to improve looks of a lawn very quick due […]

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