Cactus (->) Cacti, Discus (no ->) Disci…(English is weird).

Cacti are cool…as long as you don’t get speared by one. Actually, the little sliver things (glochids) are sometime worse than the daggers (spines). Also, since we are talking central Texas, have you ever tried to eat one of the pears (technically called “tunas”-how funny is that?)? I have eaten them several times. They are pretty good (if you can avoid a few glochids in the tongue. Another benefit to cacti is that they are so hardy. We recently removed part of a cactus from one of my friends’ yards. We threw the discarded pieces in the back of our lot and low and behold…we now have a very nice cactus growing there. I am going to try to plant some in my back yard… maybe we can sell them some day. Here are some pictures.


Here are some tunas.


Here is a picture of some of “frisbees” transplanted.