Choosing Your Landscape Design Style

An important decision to make before starting your new landscape project is selecting a landscape design style that best matches the look and feel of your home and still reflects your unique personality. This is the best way to create unity between your home and garden.

Below are samples of various landscape design styles. Please contact us for a free design consultation. We can help you determine which design works best for you and your surroundings.

Formal Style

Formal landscape design depends very much on straight lines and perfect shapes. The plantings are organized and pruned neatly to maintain their formal effect.

Informal Style

Informal land design is the exact opposite of the formal style. A more “laid back” feel is achieved by using curved lines and irregular shapes. The plantings are placed in a more irregular way creating a native appearance.

Tuscan Style

This style is rooted from Tuscany located in southern Italy. This style creates an Old World feel reminiscent of the countryside of Italy. The use of stone, old brick, wrought iron, heavy wooden beams and authentic plants are found in this style.

Mediterranean Style

Given its name partly from the climate, the Mediterranean landscape design style includes Tuscan, Andalusian, Santa Barbara Revival, Moroccan and French Country styles.

English Garden Style

English garden design often is a blend of formal and informal styles. The practice of mass layering confined within low hedge borders is a very common in this landscape style.

Tropical Style

A properly designed tropical garden can be very beautiful. Typically made up of plants with very large leaves and flowers with intense color. Lush foliage and dense planting is key in this style.

Asian Style

The informality of nature plays a dominant role in Asian-styled landscapes. Oriental gardens are formed with the plants and architecture to instill a sense of peace and balance to ones life.

Contemporary Style

Modern land design is becoming extremely popular. Clean lines, bold patterns and new use of materials all have a part in this fresh style. Mass planting in large groups and the use of abstract specimens are common practice.

Desert Style

This form of design can be so beautiful and full of life. These designs require proper planning to ensure there success. The use of drought tolerant and native or adapted plants are crucial.

Xeriscape Style

This style of design ties in the practice of water conservation. Natural woodlands are a good example of this style. Xeriscape is commonly used in many coastal gardens and urban landscape projects.

The examples above are just some of the more popular land design styles. New and unique styles can be created by putting two or more styles together, creating a fusion effect. To understand what style is right for your home and personality schedule a free one hour consultation with our company.