Fertilization Services

We offer a comprehensive lawn program to keep your yard healthy, lush and green all year round through our partners at Emerald Lawns. The applications are pay as you go and we offer free service calls in between treatments. We will spot spray for weeds in the lawn during each visit. Fertilizer is a great compliment to mowing services. See details below.

  • Round 1 – Humic Acid: increases microbial activity, increases root stimulation, and balance pH of soil.
  • Round 2 – Fertilization and Pre-Emergent: slow release fertilization with grassy weed prevention.
  • Round 3 – Fertilization and Pre-Emergent: fertilization (organic if possible) with grassy weed prevention.
  • Round 4 – Fertilization and Iron: slow release fertilization (organic if possible) with iron for color.
  • Round 5 – Fertilization, Iron plus Turf Damaging Insect Control (as needed): special attention for summer turf insects.
  • Round 6 – Fertilization, plus Disease Control (as needed): high potassium fertilization and attention to disease activity.
  • Round 7 – Fertilization and Pre-Emergent: fall time fertilization with winter annual prevention.
  • Round 8 – Sulfur Application and Pre-Emergent: acidifies the soil, balances pH and prevents winter weeds.
  • Additional Round – Grubworm Control & Chinch bug specific treatment.  Applied sometime between rounds 3 and 6.  Not a “normal” fertilization round, but important for the health of your lawn.

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