Goodbye to Gary ☹️

We are sorry to announce that we are losing Gary as part of the Customer Service team.


Our company prides itself on the longevity of our employees and wish we could have kept Gary for many years into the future, but he has decided it is time to tackle another opportunity. Gary is always working on something; we all hope we have the same amount of energy when we are sixty-four.


So, what is Gary going to do?  Residential and light commercial pressure washing.


Some years ago, and long before Gary came to us, his kids gave him a pressure washer for his birthday and Gary fell in love with it. After cleaning his home, his kids’ homes and neighbors’, several people told Gary he should offer those services to others. So, a few years ago Gary purchased commercial grade equipment and has been at it ever sense. He only does one home per day so that he can take all the time necessary to ensure it is done right. I have seen his work and it is highly professional.


We will miss Gary very much. Gary has a great sense of humor. He is thoughtful. He listens well and always has a good story to share. We have benefited from his wisdom and experience. He is a friend. But more importantly… Gary often walked into the office with donut holes, wild game chili or other goodies (my waistline will benefit from his absence). Gary has assured us he is not moving to Alaska (his lovely bride of forty-four years put her foot down on that idea) so we will see him on a regular basis…and we look forward to those visits, donut holes or not.


If you are every in need of Pressure Washing we would welcome your call, or you are welcome to use Gary; his work is awesome and he remains a dear friend of the Top Choice family.


Gary’s email is and his website is


We wish Gary the best and our doors are always open to him.


Feel free to call the office and tell him he is great. He will be here for the rest of this week. Or feel free to leave a review and talk about him 🙂