Landscape Advice for February

With Spring just around the corner it is time to start thinking about your landscapes again.


The following services should be performed.

  • AERATION (Loosens up the soil, allows grass roots to grow deeper and improves drainage)
  • TREAT THE EXISTING WEEDS IN YOUR LAWN (You can use a weed killer designed for killing weeds in the lawn or you can pull the weeds by hand)
  • PRE EMERGENT FERTILIZER SPREAD (Due to the damaging summer and the wet winter, weeds will be in abundance this year. Spreading a pre emergent will prevent most of the weeds from growing in your lawn; If you are going to spread compost over the lawn spread the pre emergent after)
  • COMPOST MIX SPREAD OVER THE LAWN (This will deepen the soil and revitalize the grass)
  • SHRUB TRIMMING (Cut back perennials and trim all plants)


We can provide you with anyone of these services. Please reply to this email if you are interested in an estimate.