Landscape advice for July


  1. St. Augustine grass should not be fertilized this month. The next time you fertilize will be in August.
  2. Bermuda grass should receive the Lesco 24-0-11. You can apply this either this month or in August.
  • Plant annual flowers and perennial plants
  • Mulch all bare-soil areas, make sure there is at least three inches at all times. Mulching properly retains moisture for the plants, shields the plant roots from the harmful sun and reduces weed and unwanted grass growth.
  • Water deeply, and twice a week. Make sure each area of the lawn receives one inch of water twice a week.
  • Watering in the morning is best.
  • Spruce up the garden. Now is the time to do low-energy activities in the garden. Prune off dead limbs remove weeds and invasive grasses, trim shrubs, etc. If you would like an estimate for these services please reply to this email.
  • Watch out for diseases and insect pests.

If you have a patch of grass that is looking dead here is what to do.

  1. Feel the soil. If it is completely dry then you need to increase your watering time on that station.
  2. Dig in the area of grass where the dead grass meets the     living. Look for grub worms, chinch bugs etc. If these insects are present please apply a pest treatment to fix the problem. We charge 65.00 for this treatment.
  3. If you would like to take advantage of your free monthly lawn assessment please reply to this email.

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