Lawn Fertilization Schedule

Round 1 – Humic Acid: increases microbial activity, increases root stimulation, and balance pH of soil.

Round 2 – Fertilization and Pre-Emergent: slow release fertilization with grassy weed prevention.

Round 3 – Fertilization and Pre-Emergent: fertilization (organic if possible) with grassy weed prevention.

Round 4 – Fertilization and Iron: slow release fertilization (organic if possible) with iron for color.

Round 5 – Fertilization, Iron plus Turf Damaging Insect Control (as needed): special attention for summer turf insects.

Round 6 – Fertilization, plus Disease Control (as needed): high potassium fertilization and attention to disease activity.

Round 7 – Fertilization and Pre-Emergent: fall time fertilization with winter annual prevention.

Round 8 – Sulfur Application and Pre-Emergent: acidifies the soil, balances pH and prevents winter weeds.

Additional Round – Chinch bug specific treatment, usually applied between rounds 5 and 6.  Not a “normal” fertilization round, but important for the health of your lawn.