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We have served the Legend Oaks Community for over 13 years.
Let us help you with all your lawn and landscaping needs.

Legend Oaks

Let us take care of all your lawn care needs!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide superb lawn care with the best customer service in Austin and the surrounding communities at an affordable price.

Professional Lawn Care and Landscaping

We make it our goal to provide the residents of Legend Oaks the best lawn care and landscaping services possible with a wonderful customer service staff. If you aren’t happy, then we aren’t happy.

We consider ourselves a customer service company that happens to do lawn care and landscaping. If you’re looking for cheap, “cut’n run” service, inexperienced laborers, office staff that won’t call you back, or a provider that doesn’t communicate with you – we’re not for you! We can handle everything your turf, shrubs, and trees need to be healthy – and make your yard the yard of envy in Legend Oaks. At Top Choice Lawn Care, our turf and landscaping experts will provide the best service you’ve experienced – or it’s free. We want you to recommend us to your family, friends, and your neighbors.

Even if you are not sure that you want to begin routine service, give us a call and chat with a customer service agent. Any one of them would be happy to answer any questions you might have about your lawn care.


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I've dealt with a few lawn care groups, and Top Choice is the best. They turned around information very quickly, were honest about what they would and wouldn't do. They also let me know what would and wouldn't work given my soil. They set expectations realistically regarding my yard and the project I was seeking. In these home service businesses, that's the most important thing. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for project work or ongoing maintenance.
Adam B. from Yelp

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Why Choose Us?

We care about taking care of you: our customer.  We promptly return your calls, emails, and chats. We speak English. We have professional looking, uniformed crews and vehicles that are highly efficient. We are reasonably priced. We are a locally owned and operated company. We are owned by a United States Marine Corps veteran. Our ownership has over 50 years of industry experience – so we aren’t going anywhere soon! We are tech savvy and try to leverage our ever changing world to make your lawn care more affordable. We are properly insured. We don’t believe in contracts, so if you are not happy with the service you can cancel, but we are confident that you will be happy! 

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