September Specials!

September Only Specials

  • 10% off one-time lawn care. Estimated or hourly.
  • 10% off tree trimming.  Estimated or hourly.
  • 15% off one-time beds/shrubs, hourly only.  10% off for one-time estimated work.
  • As always, we will apply these discounts to incomplete work.

This Week Only – Valid Until Friday, September 18 @ 3:00 PM

  • 15% mulch installation if completed simultaneously as beds and shrubs.  Estimated or hourly.
  • 15% off drain installations.  If you had drainage issues in the spring, this fall could continue those issues.  Let us know if we can help review your trouble areas.
  • 10% off tree, flowers, and shrubs planting.
  • Debris hauling.  We often receive questions from our customers about hauling “green” debris from their yards.  To help our customers with this, we’re offering a service by the trailer load.  Our crews will load the green debris into our trailer.  Each trailer load is $80.99 (i.e. whether the trailer is full or not).  We will then charge you an hourly rate for our crews to load the green debris into one of our trailers.  The rate for debris removal is $109.99 per hour for two crew members.  Weight and quantity will obviously determine the time needed for loading – but our crews move quickly.  They will also stuff the trailer as tightly as possible.  Remember, this is for green debris only – meaning branches, weeds, flowers, shrubs, etc.  Items we would remove from your yard while doing landscaping work for you.  We cannot take garbage of any sort (e.g. furniture, old belongings, toys, pallets, etc.).  Let us know if you have any questions.

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