Thank you! and One Week of Savings

?? ⛄ Holiday Lights Gratitude ?? ⛄

As a small way to express our gratitude, we introduced a new tradition last year.  It’s an attempt to encourage our customers to find someone in need, that we could help lighten this holiday season.  Three lucky individuals (or families) will be selected by our office team to receive a free holiday light installation (up to $1,000 value – we’ll make it look good).  Here are the rules:

  • The nomination must come from a current Top Choice customer.
  • Verify that the individual (or family) lives in our service area (you can do that here
  • Then, in 50 words or less, tell us why you are nominating this person (or family). Perhaps it’s someone who is suffering from cancer, or recently lost his or her job, or some other difficult circumstance.  Perhaps it’s a hero – a police officer, a school teacher, or a military veteran.  We’ll leave ideas to you.
  • Finally, tell us how to contact you – phone and email address.  We’ll then contact you, so we can reach out to the the individual or (family) you’re nominating.
  • We will choose the three individuals or families Monday, December 5extended to Friday, December 9.

One Week to Save!  Valid until Friday, December 9 @ 6:00pm.

  • 30% off hedge lights. The lights cover the front-facing sides of your hedges, and the tops and sides that are visually important.  The hedge lights make it easier to install on hedges (less time consuming, so less expensive). And as a benefit to the budget, this is something you can easily install on your own from year to year.
  • 25% off stake lights – around beds or walkways.  We install lights – red, white, blue, alternating, or multi-colored – on small stakes that stand just above the grass, mulch, or sidewalk.  One of the least expensive ways to add some more lights to your home since there are no ladders involved.
  • ? 30% off LED lights upgrade ? – LED bulbs are quite a bit more expensive than traditional bulbs, but they will hold up better, provide a different, crisp light, and will help differentiate you from the neigbhor’s (i.e. add variety to your lights installation).
  • 15% off one-time lawn care service – hourly or estimated.
  • 15% off one-time beds and shrubs service – hourly or estimated.
  • 15% off one-time leaf cleanup – hourly only.
  • As always, we will apply these discounts to incomplete work.