Trim Your Crape Myrtles!

It’s time to trim your Crape Myrtles (the most ideal time of the year).  Also, be certain to trim your shrubs and flowers back before the spring growth comes – it’s an “invigorating cut” that helps them grow.

  • 10% off Crape Myrtle Trimming – estimated or hourly.  ? Now is the time for crape myrtle trimming.  All crape myrtles need trimming of some sort – let us know, we can complete your service hourly, or provide an estimate.  There are two ways we recommend to trim Crape Myrtles.  We find most of our customers only know of one way.  Here are the basics of the two options:
    • The first option is to raise the canopy of the crape myrtle(s) to encourage the tree(s) to grow higher, with a natural spreading canopy. This option is normally requested by those looking for a more natural look.
    • The second option is to “top the canopy.”  This is done by cutting the the canopy back (i.e. down) to a specified height (which we can recommend). This method typically results in a thicker, more compact canopy with more blooms and color over the coming year. This trim option is typically requested by customers looking for a more colorful or manicured and formal look.
  • 10% off one-time beds and shrubs cleanup – estimated or hourly. If your shrubs need trimming, roses or other shrubs need seasonal cutting back (due to the freeze a few weeks ago), let us know.  Decorative grasses, Salvia Greggii and Salvia Mycrophylia, Skullcap, Blackfoot daisies and other plants should be cut back at this time.  Finally, we can dead-head any flowers you have.  Let us know if we can help.