Yaupon Holly

The Yaupon Holly is a phenomenal option when it comes to selecting flora for your landscape.  Ilex vomitoria (Yaupon) #39968

Native to Central Texas, the Yaupon Holly is a small perennial tree, often growing up to 25 feet in height.  The tree blooms white flowers in April-May and then female trees produce copious amounts of small red berries in place of the flowers which give the tree a very distinct and vibrant appearance.  Here are some additional facts about the Yaupon Holly and how you can best husband it and ensure that it adds the striking burst of color to your landscape that you are looking for: 

  • They typically grow up to 25′ in in height but can grow up to 40′ 
  • Can be trimmed to form hedges 
  • Leaves are small and green, less than 2 inches in size 
  • Thrives in varying light conditions.  Can grow in sun or partial sun/shade
  • Requires dry soil 


* Much of this information was gathered from the Central Texas Gardener and the Texas AgriLife Extension.