Oak Tree Trimming – Best Month to Avoid Oak Wilt

August Savings!

  • 25% off Oak Tree trimming.  August is the best month for Oak tree trimming to avoid the spread of Oak wilt.  Also, most HOA’s only allow Oak tree trimming during August. Valid through August 22 @ 6:00pm.
  • 15% off flowers and shrubs.  Need some color?  Need to replace a shrub that is out of control and not worth trimming any longer?  Perhaps you have a utility shrub that grows too fast and it’s time to put something else around it.  Let us know.
  • 15% off patio stone installation.  Flagstone is a great way to protect your lawn from heavy foot traffic or to simply sharpen up a backyard.
  • As always, we will apply these discounts to incomplete work.