Robots Coming Through!

Meet your new Robot! Every day I think about grass (the stuff in your front yard…not the other kind). When I am not dealing with the “chaos of the day”, I try to plan for years down the road. Sometimes the future is tomorrow or next week, but sometimes I start to think longer term. […]

The History of the Mower

We had a team put this together and pass it our way. I thought it was interesting and wanted to share.      WE got this from our friends over at: https://www.bradleymowers.com/evolution-of-the-lawn-mower 

How is Mulch Made?

Ever wonder where we get our mulch?  We have a couple of different vendors that we use, but probably our favorite is a place called Kinser Ranch out off of Fitzhugh Rd near Dripping Springs. They are a family owned and operated outfit run by none other than…the Kinser family. One of the reasons I […]

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