Plants for Hummingbirds in Austin

Hummingbirds – Facts and Plants Let’s start with some facts about hummingbirds.  10 Hummingbird facts If you grew up in Austin or Central Texas, you may take hummingbirds for granted, but interestingly there are no native species in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia or Antarctica.  You think you have a high heart rate? The little hearts […]

40,000 Lawns Mowed?! Rogelio and Chuy

The Power of Great People Top Choice was founded in 2005. A lot has changed since then – people, competence, size, and ownership. But we had something cool happen recently and we want to celebrate. This year two of our foremen reached their 10 year mark with the company. And they are brothers. One of the […]

Types of Grass

Central Texas Grass Though we do not think about it much, our climate has a big impact on our life, and your grass is a big part of your personal climate!  In Austin (the southernmost state capital in the US of A!), we have a lot of benefits from our temperate weather.  Sandals and Shorts […]

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