Mosquitoes and Other Things

Mosquitoes are coming….The beginning of the wave is here. How do we know? Nolan’s fat little kids are like magnets.


Simple things to minimize mosquitoes…

 – Gutters – The leaves and pollen have fallen and your gutters may be clogged – a mosquito paradise.

 – Toys – Toys from kids or dogs often catch water. And where there is stagnant water, there are mosquitoes.

 – Leaves – When there are a bunch of dead leaves in a yard – lawn or beds – they allow insects to thrive.

 – Beds and Shrubs – All sorts of over grown plants, shrubs, and turf can encourage pests.

 – A nice flagstone patio – This won’t help with mosquitoes but we can install it!

 – If your yard has poor drainage, then a simple drain may be in order. 


Obviously, we can help with most of these if you prefer to not do them yourself.



Ants are another pest that comes out as it starts to warm up. Ask us for a treatment. 


Aeration and Top Dress

If you somehow overlooked our previous email, this is the perfect time for aeration and topdressing

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