Nolan’s 2020 Book Recommendations

2020 Book Recommendations 

Want some 2020 book recommendations? For you? For a gift? I read a lot…actually my wife likes to remind me that I listen a lot. Perhaps the best word is consume. I consume a lot of books – some via the physical page and a lot via the audible app. I love it. I consume very widely. Novels. History. SciFi. Fantasy. Christian. Self Help. Classics. New. Biography. More.

So I am writing this blog post for no one in particular. If you are looking for good books, perhaps this can help. I read about 50 books this year and here are a few that I enjoyed. I know that they weren’t written in 2020. I just read them in 2020. As a warning…I am pretty easy to please. I choose pretty good stuff, but I also enjoy just about everything. So if you are picky, beware. 

Behavioral Economics / Money / Marketing / Business Thought

I love thoughtful business books. I feel like it is very interesting and useful stuff. People are weird. We don’t make rational decisions. We justify ourselves. We are crazy and funny.

  1. Nudge – Richard Thaler: He won the nobel prize in economics, but more impressively, he can write in an approachable and applicable way. 
  2. Skin in the Game – Nassim Taleb: I love this guy. He is bombastic and way too smart for me. 
  3. Alchemy – Rory Sutherland: Marketing book. Sort of. Maybe a new way to look at the world. Really fun. 

Fun Book Recommendations of 2020 – Guaranteed to make you laugh

These are fun. They will make you laugh. 

  1. Greenlights – Matthew McConaghey: The UT minister of Culture has some crazy stories. I don’t care if he made them up. I especially recommend the audio version of this one because he is a performer and he reads it himself. Lots of laughter here. 
  2. The Right Stuff – Tom Wolfe: The space program. You may have seen the movie, but the book is awesome. 
  3. My Man Jeeves – P.G.Wodehouse: Funny. Light. Rich, posh, English guy repeatedly saved by his butler. Brilliantly written. 

A Game Changer for Me

  1. The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry – John Mark Comer: A challenge to how I see and juggle rest and work and sabbath. 

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