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We’ll cut your grass, trim the hedges, and blow the debris from your yard – just like most companies. How are we different? Our crews are experienced – average 5+ years of working with Top Choice. Our trimmers, the hardest part about lawn care, have been trimming for us on average of 7+ years. You’re sure to have straight lines and long-lasting fences. Simply put, we do it better than anyone else.


We know the pain that most of our prospective clients are dealing with – unanswered calls, someone who doesn’t speak English, problems with billing, and unlicensed and uninsured workers. At Top Choice, we’re the opposite. Call us, email us, or chat with us online. Feel free to complete a free estimate request if you choose. You decide, we’d love to talk to you about your yard.


We offer a comprehensive lawn program to keep your yard healthy, lush and green. With each season, the fertilization varies, and Top Choice is here to keep your lawn healthy.

Round 1 – Humic Acid:  Increases microbial activity, increases root stimulation, and balance pH of soil.

Round 2 – Fertilization and Pre-Emergent:  Slow release fertilization with grassy weed prevention.

Round 3 – Fertilization and Pre-Emergent:  Fertilization (organic if possible) with grassy weed prevention.

Round 4 – Fertilization and Iron:  Slow release fertilization (organic if possible) with iron for color.

Round 5 – Fertilization, Iron plus Turf Damaging Insect Control (as needed):  Special attention for summer turf insects.

Round 6 – Fertilization, plus Disease Control (as needed):  High potassium fertilization and attention to disease activity.

Round 7 – Fertilization and Pre-Emergent:  Fall time fertilization with winter annual prevention.

Round 8 – Sulfur Application and Pre-Emergent:  Acidifies the soil, balances pH and prevents winter weeds.

Additional Round – Chinch bug specific treatment, usually applied between rounds 5 and 6.  Not a “normal” fertilization round, but important for the health of your lawn.

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