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At Top Choice Lawn Care, we recognize that our people have skills, abilities, and preferences. For this reason, our landscaping (i.e. beauty-appreciating, patient) crews handle landscaping, and our lawn care (i.e. machine-loving) crews only perform lawn care. We have noticed tremendous results – and so have our customers!

Our landscapers are professional, and know more about plants, shrubs, and trees than any normal person would want to know. We can wee the flowerbeds, clean up debris, apply or turn mulch, remove leaves and acorns, apply top dressing, aerate – you name it, we can do it. We even haul the green debris to a recycling center that then turns it back into mulch.


While you can always request an estimate for flower or planting bed maintenance and shrub trimming, we also offer two “programs” to take the headache of scheduling the service out of your busy schedule.

Five Services Program. With this first option, one of our landscaping crews will perform flower bed maintenance and shrub trimming – as needed – five times per year. This is ideal for someone who doesn’t want us to do ALL the maintenance throughout the year, but understands we can get them “caught up” when they fall behind – or help with the spring growth or fall cutbacks.

Trimming Shrubs

We will send a two-man crew for a flat hourly rate. If they work for 15 minutes, you’re charged for 15 minutes. If they work for two hours, then you’ll be charged for two hours. This rate is approximately 18% off our normal rate for flower bed maintenance and shrub trimming. The service is performed in March, April, June, August, and September. Finally, if you need additional services, you can always add additional visits. If you add a service, you’ve “locked” the discounted rate for the additional service.

Monthly Program. The other option, our “monthly program”, is very similar to our Five Services option. This is truly the “I don’t want to think about it” service. The differences are, the rate is approximately 27% less than our normal flower bed maintenance and shrub trimming pricing. Additionally, we service your home monthly, and twice per month in March through September. Finally, like the Five Services Program, you can add/remove a service at any time.


In addition to beds and shrubs, our professionals perform excellent work with mulch, trimming trees, and planting flowers, shrubs, and trees.
We can also add stonework to pathways, add rock to beds, install drains and piping – and much more! Call, email, chat, or submit a free estimate request today!

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