Some Rough Thoughts on Working in the World of COVID

There is too much to write. 

I assume people wouldn’t really be that interested. 

But perhaps someone is interested, so I thought I would share a little of our experience in these weird/unprecedented/sucky times. 


Some rough thoughts:

Office is working from home. We are so fortunate that Golden is so Tech savvy. He already had us set up for remote work prior to all of this. It was a hassle, but not a monumental work to get us working from home. Kudos to him. BUT this comes comes with side effects – we are worse at communication. We can’t “talk over the wall” at the office. This extends conversations and muddles answers all to the detriment of serving customers and our own personal sanity. 

More importantly, it is lonely. I miss my people. This morning was the first time we got most of the office team all in one physical location. We sat in a big circle outside with masks on – not ideal – but it was great to see everyone. 

Crews are still working but with some changes. There is a lot more cleaning. They wear masks. We don’t change the crews much, if at all. Every mild sickness or symptom is quickly and thoroughly investigated and addressed. 

Customers act differently. Thank the Lord we are still interacting with customers. There are many customers that are extremely kind and gracious. We are selling less, but we are still selling. We do more meetings with customers over the phone. Every meeting with a customer starts with a, “how do you want to do this?”. Sadly, some customers are just grumpy (aren’t we all) and we get the brunt of it. I don’t blame them. A psychologist friend of mine recently said, “generally if people are giving you a hard time, they are having a hard time”. We are all having a hard time these days, so I am thankful for all the truly kind people and try to show grace to the grumps (and try not to be a grump myself). 

There is still so much uncertainty. We are all feeling it. Economic uncertainty. When will we be able to go back to the office? How? For me a big part of the difficulty is that everyone has and will have slightly different standards. 

The way to succeed and survive is to show grace and ask it of others. Let’s do it. Cheers. 

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