Unparalleled Lawn Maintenance Service

If you’re looking for cheap, “cut’n run” service, inexperienced laborers, office staff that won’t call you back, or a provider that doesn’t communicate with you – we’re not for you! We can handle everything your lawn, shrubs, and trees need to be healthy – and make your yard the yard of envy in the neighborhood. At Top Choice Lawn Care, our lawn care and landscaping experts will provide the best lawn care you’ve experienced – or it’s free. We want you to recommend us to your family, friends, and your neighbors.


Lawn Care

We provide unparalleled lawn care service. Experienced laborers and office staff willing and ready to help. Call us! We’d love to help you. Read more »


Our landscapers are professional, and know more about plants, shrubs, and trees than any normal person would want to! We even recycle the green waste! Read more»