Artificial Turf in Austin

Crisp green grass-le without the hassle!

We're excited to offer artificial turf in Austin!

Look... we're a lawn care company; we love to maintain vibrant, green, real turf! But depending on the conditions, real grass might not be the best choice for parts of your yard. When grass just won't cut it, artificial turf can get you that manicured green look – without any of the hassle!

Where should you use artificial turf in Austin?

Artificial turf can be a great solution for specific areas where real grass suffers. Artificial turf offers a durable solution that stays lush and green year-round.

  1. Shady areas: Natural grass requires ample sunlight for photosynthesis and healthy growth. Side yards or backyards are prime suspects for insufficient sunlight.
  2. High-exposure sunny areas: Some parts of your lawn can simply get too much sun with no shade at all. They may be getting further scorched by residual heat coming off pool decks and patios. No matter how much you water, these zones can't keep up in the heat of the summer.
  3. High-traffic areas: Heavy foot traffic can damage natural grass, leading to compaction and wear.

If you feel like you're losing the battle with the Austin elements, turf may be the answer!

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Artificial turf saves water

Of course, one of the biggest arguments for using artificial turf in Austin is water savings! Our city water supply (and your utility bill) will appreciate your long-term investment in quality turf.

Side note: While artificial turf doesn't require regular watering like natural grass, you can still help maintain its fresh appearance with a quick rinse.

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We install premium quality zero-infill turf

We reviewed a number of products on the market before settling on the artificial turf products from AGL Grass. It’s the only brand we use.

AGL Grass is a premium quality, and it doesn't require a sand "infill" like most other kinds of turf. No infill means it doesn't make a mess or trap pet odors (yuck). It's super easy to clean with a hose or pressure washer!

You can read more about types of turf in our blog.

How much does artificial turf cost?

With us, you'll typically pay $10-14 per square foot for artificial turf installation in Austin. The final cost depends on the complexity and logistics of the job (surface preparation, edges, etc.) Contact us to get a free estimate.

How we install artificial turf

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1. Measure and prepare the area

First, we measure the area where you want to install the artificial turf. We remove any existing grass, rocks, or debris to ensure that the surface is smooth and even.

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2. Install the base

Artificial turf requires a solid base for proper installation. We add a base material like crushed stone or decomposed granite and compact the base to create a stable surface.

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3. Lay the artificial turf

Next, we roll out the artificial turf over the prepared area, ensuring that the turf fibers are facing the desired direction. This leaves some extra turf on the edges to trim later.

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4. Trim and shape the turf

We use a utility knife to precisely trim the turf to fit the area properly, paying attention to corners, curves, and obstacles like trees or flowerbeds.

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5. Join the seams

If your turf requires multiple pieces, we join the seams together using adhesive or specialized turf tape.

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6. Secure the Edges

We use landscape staples or nails to secure the edges of the turf, placing them approximately every 6-12 inches along the perimeter.

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7. Brush and groom the turf

We use our favorite new toy (a power brush) to brush the turf fibers against the grain. This helps the fibers stand upright and give the turf a natural appearance.

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8. Enjoy!

At this point, we sit back and appreciate another job well done. A final pas with a leaf-blower or hose will help ensure your new turf is looking it's best and ready for action.