Native Landscaping Products

Rocks, granite, flagstones, sod, and native plants

Below you will find a list that has been put together by our entrusted team here at Top Choice of recommendations for rocks, granites, flagstones, sods, and native plants to help you on your journey of choosing the right material for your lawn/flowerbed. This list is far from all-inclusive but is a makeup of the most used, requested, or cheapest items that we think would be best fit for home here in Austin, Tx. If there is anything not on the list that we have, we will be sure to get an answer about where or how we could make it possible.


Texas Black Gravel or Black Star

Blackstar Gravel is a Texas Basalt gravel product that is dark gray and turns black when wet. For an upscale look, try using Blackstar Gravel for walkways. This is a beautiful option for a modern decorative look and can be used for a variety of projects like hardscape and landscape design projects, french drain installation, walkway / pathway, rock garden, landscape edging, Blackstar gravel driveway, gravel drainage, parking lot surface, the accent in fountain water features, and more.


2-3" Texas Black Gravel or Black Star


1+" Texas Black Gravel or Black Star


5/8" Texas Black Gravel or Black Star


3/8" Texas Black Gravel or Black Star


25in Gravel

1/4" Pea Gravel

25 to .5in Fiarland Pink

1/4"-1/2" Fairland Pink

5in to 1in Fairland Pink

1/2"-1" Fairland Pink

River Rocks

River rocks are essentially rocks, gravel or boulders that have been gathered from riverbeds or other places where water has given them smooth and rounded edges. River rock can be used for walkways, edging, in beds, in containers, on patios, for rain gardens, and a number of other ways. River rock can vary in size but typically comes in one-to-two-inch diameter.

Mexican Beach Pebbles

Mexican beach pebbles are 100% naturally formed. Their shape and texture come from the erosion of the stones from the cliffs along the beaches. The smooth pebbles are made of basalt which is a multi-toned volcanic rock and can come in 1”-2”, 2”-3”, and 3”-6” sizes. They have a grayish black uniform color and are most used decoratively in the garden – to top dress container plantings, to puddle around boulders and to line borders of patios and beds.


1-2" Mexican Beach Pebble


1/2-1" Mexican Beach Pebble


3/8" Mexican Beach Pebble

Brazos River Rock

Brazos is a native Texas river gravel quarried directly from the Brazos River here in Texas. This gravel comes in 2” as well as 2-4" sizes. The color is consistently brown or café accommodating a variety of landscaping needs.


2-5" Brazos River Rock

2in to 3in Brazos

2-3" Brazos River Rock

Colorado River Rock

Colorado River Rock is a type of decorative stone that is commonly found in the southwestern United States. It can come in a variety of colors, including shades of brown, beige, red, and gray.

2in to 4in Colorado River Rock

2-4" Colorado River Rock

1in to 2in Colorado River Rock

1-2" Colorado River Rock

375in to 1in Colorado River Rock

3/8-1" Colorado River Rock

Granite Types

Decomposed Granite 1:4-inch

1/4-1/2" Decomposed Granite

This type of landscape design looks natural, is cheaper than most granite/rock options, and is very versatile. DG is a finer texture than gravel and is formed from natural weathering. This material is used in many ways but is primarily used for patios as walkways, in driveways, or walking paths throughout a park or flowerbed. The three main forms of DG are natural decomposed granite, stabilized decomposed granite, and resin coated decomposed granite.Description

Fairland Pink Gravel 1:4-1:2-inch

1/2-1" Crushed Granite

Crushed granite has a rougher texture than DG is more limited in color options. If used for pathways, crushed granite will be the way to go because of the compaction and more stable surface that is formed.


Rock Stone Path WhatsApp Image 2022-07-15 at 9.28.10 AM

Flagstone Stepping Stones in Grass


Flagstone Patio

Rock Stone Path WhatsApp Image 2022-07-15 at 9.34.57 AM

Flagstone Stepping Stones with River Rock

Rock Stone Path WhatsApp-Image-2018-11-28-at-17.48.22

Flagstone Stepping Stones in a Decomposed Granite Path


Flagstone Patio



Mortared Limestone Edging


Bermuda Grass


Celebration Bermuda Grass

This type of Bermuda grass exhibits a blue-green color and is very dense when properly maintained. Celebration is drought tolerant and has an excellent recovery ability after long periods of no rain and hot weather.


419 Tifway Bermuda Sod

Tifway is a widely used turfgrass. It is very dense and has fine-blades giving it the ability to quickly recover from injury like heavy traffic, drought, or improper management. Tifway is a green color and needs a minimum of 8 hours a day of sunlight to fully thrive. The main distinction between celebration and Tifway besides the color is Celebration has a slightly larger grass blade.

St. Augustine


Raleigh St. Augustine

For a warm weather climate, this grass will be the most shade tolerant and is a great choice for any home that is heavily wooded or has trees with a large canopy coverage. Raleigh is a blue-green color and dense.


Palmetto St. Augustine

Palmetto is a dark green color grass and requires minor maintenance to keep it looking great year-round. With its minor maintenance, Palmetto sets itself apart from other St. Augustine by requiring less water making it a great solution to any water or drought restrictions. This is an excellent shade grass and soft to the touch.


Amerishade St. Augustine

Amerishade is dark green in color and has a medium texture. This grass is very shade tolerant and has a semi-dwarf growth habit with smaller blades to separate it from other St. Augustines. With its rate of spread and slower growth rate, there is minimal maintenance to Amerishade producing 50% less clippings throughout the year.



Palisade Zoysia

Palisade is medium to coarse in texture that is hardier than most shade grasses and sustainable to heavy traffic. It is great to install in homes with sandy soil and is tolerant to colder temperatures.


Zorro Zoysia

Unlike most Zaysia's, Zorro prefers full sun but is tolerant to partial shade. It can grow in a variety of soils and is slow growing no matter the time of year. Zorro Zoysia offers a lush, soft, and most importantly durable option for any lawn.