Irrigation Repairs and Installation

Keep your yard healthy, lush, and green all year round.

Irrigation is an essential part of a healthy landscape. In the Texas heat, water is often the difference between a healthy, vibrant landscape and a dead, crispy hellscape.

We specialize in expert, friendly service and have a passion for water conservation and water quality. We believe you should fully evaluate your irrigation system at least annually — and often more often. It should be adjusted seasonally and as a landscape evolves. If you want a quick primer on how to do this yourself, please visit our high-level overview on how to do it yourself here.

If you're ready or some professional help, call the irrigation specialists at Top Choice Lawn care!

  • Leak repairs
  • Replacement or movement for broken, buried, malfunctioning, tilted heads
  • Valve replacements
  • Reworking a system for a pool installation
  • Clogged nozzles
  • Mainline repairs
  • Overspray
  • Controller programming / installation (to include Bluetooth controllers)
  • Water scheduling to best meet your specific needs and improve water conservation
  • Rain gauge installations

Backflow preventer inspection services

Austin authorities are serious about backflow prevention. These devices stop toxic substances in your yard (chemicals, animal feces, etc.) from flowing backward into our local water system. Our licensed irrigators can perform repairs and required inspections on your backflow preventer.

Learn more about backflow preventer inspections here.

Some of the best irrigation services in Austin

If you look at our reviews (hundreds of 5-star reviews on Yelp and Google) you will see a ton of irrigation mentions because these guys make so many people happy!

"My sprinkler system hasn't worked since I bought the house over 2 years ago. After calling Top Choice Lawn Care, within a week, they sent someone over to give me a quote, got me scheduled, and completely fixed my sprinkler system. The entire time I worked with Greg who showed up in the planned window of service, took the time to explain what he was doing, and showed me how to use my system."

Zach R.

Google Review

"Derrick did an outstanding job repairing my irrigation system. I highly recommend Top Choice!"

Keri S.

Google Review

"Greg from Top Choice Lawn Care recently came out to fix an irrigation wire I had accidentally cut while doing some yard work. He did a fantastic job, got everything working again quickly, and even went above and beyond to fix a couple of other small issues while he was here (raising a head and replacing a couple of wonky nozzles). I very much appreciate the attention to detail and high-quality service!"

Jake R.

Google Review

"I had a poorly installed irrigation system that nobody wanted to fix. It was a travesty. It’s nice knowing I can rely on these guys for jobs of all sizes and that they will show up and give top-level service no matter what the job is."

Max B.

Google Review

Get up to $1000 in Austin Water irrigation rebates

Central Texas residential homeowners and commercial property owners can receive up to $1000 in Austin Water irrigation rebates. It's the perfect time to think about water-saving upgrades. The "Irrigation Upgrade" program is designed to encourage customers to improve their existing irrigation system's water efficiency. Austin Water and other qualifying water providers award itemized rebates for

  • rain and soil moisture sensors
  • pressure regulating components
  • efficient nozzles,
  • drip stations
  • removing unnecessary stations
  • and more

Questions about Austin Water irrigation rebates? Check out our article on irrigation rebates or give us a shout. We'll be happy to help you understand which upgrades can benefit your lawn and get you those coveted rebates!

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Meet our irrigation team

We have several irrigation team members all of whom have a strong irrigation background and are properly licensed. Johnny and Dylan have all learned under highly experienced irrigators. They have years of experience in the field. If you want to hear a little more about our team, please visit our team page.