What is wrong with my yard?

A quick guide to common Austin lawn care challenges

This page is meant to be a quick guide to help you answer the common question: “What is wrong with my yard?”and to diagnose some of the most common yard problems in the Austin area. This guide does not cover every possibility. Your own professional yard maintenance company is often a great option for help with your yard. The best landscapers rarely have the time to run around checking random properties, but they always make time for paying customers. If your landscapers do not have the time, or ability to help you with your yard, it may be time for a change. Contact us and we can help you answer, “What is wrong with your yard?”

Why do I have a large brown spot on my yard?

Possible Answer: Too Little Water

Possible Answer: Shallow Soil 

Possible Answers: Reflected/Radiated Heat 

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Why are there weeds in my lawn?

Possible Answer: You need a customized fertilization and weed control program.

Possible Answer: Lawn Gnomes

Possible Answers: You need to increase your maintenance

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Why is my lawn thin?

Possible Answer: Shade

Possible Answer: Traffic

Possible Answers: Shade AND Traffic

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I think my lawn has a disease. What should I do?

Possible Answer: Irrigation Issue

Possible Answer: Bad Drainage

Possible Answers: Natural Spring (!?!)

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Why isn't my grass green?

Possible Answer: Fertilization

Possible Answer: Top Dress the lawn with compost

Possible Answers: Change the grass type

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How do I get rid of grass in my flower beds?

Possible Answer: Common Bermuda and Weed Grasses

Possible Answer: Grass Growing from the Lawn

Possible Answers: NUTSEDGE ☹

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How do I keep my plants alive in the winter?

Possible Answer: Mulch

Possible Answer: Use Different Plants

Possible Answers: Water

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