Pre-emergent Herbicides

Weed control is a pain.  There is no magic bullet that will eliminate all weeds from your yard.  There are, however, different tips and tricks that will make weeding much, much easier – and less expensive.  One of those tricks is to regularly use a pre-emergent herbicide.   People are more familiar with post emergent […]

Price Changes

We are building Top Choice Lawn Care for the long run. We want you to use our services for the next 50 years. Every year we make small but important price changes that will help us avoid large and egregious price changes in ten years. Below you will see a less than comprehensive list of […]

The Chill that can Kill

In Texas a lot of our plants don’t particularly love the cold…much like our people. While many of our city’s drivers like to panic at the first hint of ice (or anything below 50 degrees), many of our plants risk being damaged. Some of the gravest danger is in extreme temperature changes (a favorite pastime […]

Outdoor games

The following is a blog article written by Mark. Mark is the blogger for Foosball Zone. He wants to make foosball popular again like it was in the good old days. Top 5 Outdoor Games  The perk of having a backyard is the opportunity to have fun and play the many amazing games . If you […]

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