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Live Oaks in Central Texas: Facts & Stories

By Nolan Gore / July 15, 2024

Surrounded by massive live oaks – that was my childhood. My parents moved to Austin in the 1980s. They decided to buy the house before they stepped inside. It was the oaks that made the decision for them. Century oaks. Gnarled and bent. Big and grumpy. Long and horizontal. I got to know these trees…

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Oak Wilt FAQ

By Nolan Gore / July 7, 2023

We know you care about your yard, and especially your trees, so we thought we would pass along… It’s tree-trimming season! Across Central Texas, HOAs, municipalities, and well-meaning neighbors will yell at you if you trim oaks in the spring. Why? Because February-June has the highest likelihood of spreading oak wilt. Now that it is…

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When to trim live oak trees in Austin

By The Top Choice Team / January 10, 2023

Nothing says Central Texas hill country quite like a majestic live oak. These trees have a special place in properties throughout Austin. Larger trees can be 200-300 years old, and with proper care, some can live up to 500 or 600 years! Many of these gentle giants have been around since before we were born,…

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