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Let’s Celebrate with Some Christmas Light Installation in Austin!

By The Top Choice Team / December 21, 2023

Well, we’re almost to the end of another big and busy year of Austin landscaping at Top Choice. We started the year with some limb-breaking ice storms and kept right on rolling through a record-breaking summer. Our lawns have really been through the ringer, but our crews have done an amazing job of keeping things…

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Winter Debris Removal in Austin

By The Top Choice Team / February 1, 2023

Does your yard look like the aftermath of a fight scene with the Governator in 1997’s (undoubtedly) classic “Batman and Robin”? As your irrigation system springing up leaks faster than a — uh — leaky faucet? We’re here to help with winter debris removal in Austin and expert irrigation service. Big takeaways up front: –…

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freeze damage on an above ground backflow preventer

Do you need to winterize irrigation systems in Austin?

By The Top Choice Team / December 14, 2022

Do you need to winterize irrigation systems in Austin? We don’t get too much cold weather here in Central Texas, but when we do, ice and freezing pipes can really cause some damage! A little preparation can prevent headaches and save you money down the road. What does sprinkler winterization look like in Austin? Winterization…

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