Austin Sprinkler Repair

Looking for some sprinkler repair in Austin?

Sprinkler repair is obviously an essential part of irrigation services. The irrigation world has become particularly complicated over the past decade with myriad solutions for specific problems. This is great for water conservation but can result in complicated repairs. Which specific irrigation head should you use in this specific location to optimize performance? We would love to help. But if you want to make an attempt yourself first, here is a high-level overview on how to run through your system. If you run across any of these problems, we would love a chance to help:

  • Water geyser! Do you have a fountain where you should have an irrigation head?
  • Swampy area. If you have a broken pipe or a leaky valve, it can result in an area that is constantly wet.
  • Faulty or old controller. If your controller looks like the original Apple computer, then you should consider an update.
  • Not sure if you should run a zone for 2 min or 2 hours? We can help. Hint: ideally it is somewhere in between.

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