Weeding beds and trimming shrubs

Bed maintenance is our shorthand for maintaining the manicured planting beds in your yard. This primarily includes weed control and shrub trimming. After weeding and trimming, we clean up and dispose of all the debris in your beds.

Other companies offer bed maintenance programs, but we like to keep things simple. All our bed maintenance programs are billed hourly to make sure you only pay for what you need.

If you have a set budget or a special project coming up, let us know and we'll be happy to give you an estimate.

Do you use herbicides?

We typically perform bed weeding by hand. Herbicides can work well, but they take time to kill the weeds and therefore leave dead weeds in your yard. If you use herbicides, you will still need to go back and pull out the dead weeds anyways. By the time a crew gets out to remove the dead weeds, it will be time to spray the new weeds. Why not cut to the chase and pull the weeds the first time? We like to leave your yard looking perfectly manicured and maintained.

Why are weeds so bad in my yard?

Weeds are mother nature’s answer to a disturbed ecology. Some weeds are native and natural, others are introduced species from other parts of the world. They all have one goal, to fill up empty spaces with green growing things. Unfortunately, these weeds are rarely the type of plants people want growing in their yards. Some of the weeds are extremely aggressive and can be difficult to deal with.

The best natural way to deal with weeds is to fill your yard with plants you like. It also helps to keep your soil covered so there are no empty spaces for weeds to fill up. Even then you will need to pull or remove the more aggressive weeds before they can get established. Keep pulling any little weeds that may start to grow before they get large and spread over the entire yard.

Plant maintenance and shrub trimming

A well-planted bed will help eliminate the weeds and unwanted plants (decreasing but not eliminating weeding), but the good plants will also need some maintenance to look their best and to grow well. For these plants in the beds, the most common form of maintenance is shrub trimming.

Every yard and every plant in a yard are different. Some plants will look great with extraordinarily little care. Other plants need to be trimmed often, either because they grow quickly, or because they’re large plants planted in a small space. Other plants simply look fuller and healthier when cut. With some plants a single trimming per year is sufficient, other plants need love monthly.


Bed maintenance experience you can trust

The Top Choice bed crews have a lot of experience and are familiar with most of the green things growing in central Texas. They have learned through experience what should be trimmed and what should not. Only the most experienced crew members are allowed to work on beds. And even then, they don’t trim something unless they know exactly what they are doing.

The crews are backed up by excellent specialists with decades of experience and/or degrees in horticulture that train the crews and give specific instructions where needed. Our crews work hard, but they don’t work in a vacuum. They get help and support to make sure they get the job done right.

Generally, the first visit to a property determines how it is maintained in the future, so our most experienced crew members are always sent to a first-time bed maintenance service. They do a good job getting the yard into shape, and then the subsequent visits maintain that same look on every visit.

Useful links about bed maintenance

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