Bed Maintenance - Weeding Beds and Trimming Shrubs

Even though lawn care is in our name, our services don’t stop there.  We work on just about every aspect of a yard.  This includes what we call ‘Bed Maintenance’ or ‘Beds and Shrubs’.  Bed maintenance is our shorthand for maintaining the manicured planting beds in a yard.  The two big areas within bed maintenance are weed control and shrub trimming.  After weeding and trimming, we clean up and dispose of all the debris in the beds.

How do you get rid of weeds?

Even though lawn care is in our name, our services don’t stop there.  We work on just about every aspect of a yard.  This includes what we call ‘Bed Maintenance.’  Bed maintenance is our shorthand for maintaining the manicured planting beds in a yard.  The two big areas within bed maintenance are weed control and shrub trimming.  After weeding and trimming, we clean up and dispose of all the debris in the beds.

Why not Herbacides?

There are other effective ways to control weeds.  Herbicides work well.  The big problem with herbicides is that they take time to kill the weeds, and they leave dead weeds in your yard.  If you use herbicides, you will still need to go back and pull out the dead weeds anyways.  By the time a crew gets out to remove the dead weeds, it will be time to spray the new weeds. 

The result is a yard full of dead and dying weeds.  And the beds look less than perfect even right after the herbicide crew leaves.  Why not cut to the chase and pull the weeds the first time?  That way the beds look perfect right after the crew finishes working.

Why are weeds so bad in my yard?

Weeds are mother nature’s answer to a disturbed ecology.  Some weeds are native and natural, others are introduced species from other parts of the world.  They all have one goal, to fill up empty spaces with green growing things.  Unfortunately, these weeds are rarely the type of plants people want growing in their yards.  Some of the weeds are extremely aggressive and can be difficult to deal with.

The best natural way to deal with weeds is to fill your yard with plants you like.  It also helps to keep your soil covered so there are no empty spaces for weeds to fill up.  Even then you will need to pull or remove the more aggressive weeds before they can get established.  Keep pulling any little weeds that may start to grow before they get large and spread over the entire yard.

Why do you call it ‘Weed Control?’

There is no single sure-fire way to eliminate weeds.  Some landscapers joke that you could always just pour concrete over the entire yard.  But in truth, weeds would grow up through the expansion joints in the concrete so there is no relief even in a concrete jungle. Weeding on concrete stinks. 

Weed control implies a program to keep the weeds in check so that they do not overrun the yard, making it ugly or even unusable.  Nothing ruins a yard quite as much as poison ivy, sticker burs, or bur clover. 

Thankfully, if weeds are kept in check with regular maintenance, it does not take that much effort.  It is one of those instances where an ounce of prevention (or maintenance) is worth a pound of cure.

How do you maintain plants?

A well-planted bed will help eliminate the weeds and unwanted plants (decreasing but not eliminating weeding), but the good plants will also need some maintenance to look their best and to grow well.  For plants in the beds, the most common form of maintenance is shrub trimming.

Every yard and every plant in a yard are different.  Some plants will look great with extraordinarily little care.  Other plants need to be trimmed often, either because they grow quickly, or they’re large plants planted in a small space.  Other plants simply look fuller and healthier when cut.  With some plants a single trimming per year is sufficient, other plants need love monthly.

How do you know what to trim in a planting bed?

In bed maintenance, the weeding is the simple part.  It gets complicated when we start trimming shrubs and maintaining plants.  There are thousands of landscape plants in our area, and it is awfully hard to know exactly what to do with all of them unless you deal with them constantly.

Most avid gardeners will learn how to maintain and keep up the plants in their yard with research and experience.  They undoubtedly will make a mistake or two figuring out what works, but they gradually figure it all out.

Compare the experience gathered by a home gardener to a professional maintenance crew.  If a homeowner spent two hours per week working on his shrubs, it would take him or her 6 months to accumulate the same amount of experience one of our crew members gets in one busy week.  Most of our crew leaders have been working in landscaping for at least a half of a decade.  They know what they are doing.

Generally, the first visit to a property determines how it is maintained in the future, so our most experienced crew members are always sent to a first-time bed maintenance service.  They do a good job getting the yard into shape, and then the subsequent visits maintain that same look on every visit.

Do you have good workers?

The Top Choice bed crews have a lot of experience in yards and are familiar with most of the green things growing in central Texas.  They have learned through experience what should be trimmed, and what should not.  Only the most experienced crew members are allowed to work on beds.  And even then, they don’t trim something unless they know exactly what they are doing. 

The crews are backed up by excellent specialists with decades of experience and/or degrees in horticulture that train the crews and give specific instructions where needed.  Our crews work hard, but they don’t work in a vacuum.  They get help and support to make sure they get the job done right.

How is Top Choice bed maintenance different?

One of our greatest advantages is that we avoid the fixed price maintenance programs used by nearly every other landscaper on God’s green earth.  We tried it in the past, and they don’t work that well.

These other programs rely on educated guesses on how much maintenance will be needed, months, and sometimes years before the work is scheduled. No matter how knowledgeable the guesser is, inevitably a landscape crew will end up trying to finish 3 hours of work with a 15 minutes budget.  The result is poor work and a scraggly looking yard.  On the flip side, a crew will come for a 5-hour service and will be done in an hour.  If the crew doesn’t stop for a nap, the company will end up with amazing profits on that day’s work.  In all cases, the homeowner suffers.

We keep it simple.  All our bed maintenance programs are billed hourly.  This ensures that you get exactly what you pay for.  If your yard takes one hour, that is all you pay for.  You can leave the crew to just get the job done, or you can give us a budget and list of items to complete.  It is entirely up to you.

Our programs are incredibly flexible.  We can do whatever is needed when it is needed.  If we get an unusually wet August, and the weeds are growing like mad?  Drop us a text; we’ll take care of it.  Has a late frost slowed plant growth?  We will complete that service quickly, and you pay less.  We bill to the nearest minute!  We’ve been doing this for years and it works very well.

Can you give me a set price for Bed Maintenance?

We do have set price estimates for single services, but only for work that is going to be completed soon.  Just let us know and we will send an estimator out to make sure you’re taken care of.  We don’t offer fixed price bed maintenance programs because our estimators aren’t prescient.  As soon as we can effectively predict the future, we’ll let you know.  Until then, we plan on sticking with a program that works.

How can I learn more about Bed Maintenance?

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