Patios, paths, and rocks

Improve your lanscape with rocks and xeroscaping

Rocks and stone are a great way to improve your landscaping for years to come. They can add form and function to any yard ... and they're a great way to save water!

At Top Choice, we install rocks, gravel, crushed granite, and other types of xeriscape ground cover. We can also create crisp limestone edging for your beds and flagstone patios using decomposed granite (mortar).

Why not grass?

Despite your best efforts (and even our professional help), some areas are just not well suited for grass.

High-traffic areas can quickly create ruts, paths, and bare spots. People and pets are hard on grass. They compact the soil and make it tough for grass to grow. Core aeration can help this compaction, but sometimes it's better to go with the flow and create a path with stones or pavers.

Shady areas are also tough on grass. You can shed a little light on the situation by opening up your canopy with tree trimming. Sometimes you might need another type of grass altogether. If that doesn't cut it, shady areas can be a great place for a patio, sitting area, or rocky groundcover.

Upgrade your lawn with rocks, gravel, and more

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