Shrub and Tree Fertilization

Keep your plants healthy and green for years to come.

Your trees and shrubs deserve as much attention as your lawn! If you’re looking to beautify and protect your landscape, we are excited to provide shrub and tree fertilization through our partners at Emerald Lawns.

Our program provides seven applications specific to every season in central Texas. Emerald Lawns uses root zone fertilization, disease management, and insect solutions. This includes regular inspections and treatment of disease and pest issues, fertilization, and micronutrients that deliver essential food for your plants at optimal times throughout the year.

Application 1 (January-February)

Protection and New Year Rejuvenation

The first service begins the year by applying dormant oil, which naturally suffocates insects living and nesting in the cracks and crevices of your landscape. This kills their eggs by interfering with their metabolic and respiratory process. Dormant oil is completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly, posing few risks to beneficial insects.

Application 2 (March-Mid April)

Root Zone Feeding and Bloom Accelerator

The second application is critical to establishing healthy trees and landscapes after the winter months. Root zone feeding revitalizes below the surface. Above the surface, balanced fertilizer with bio-stimulants and micro-nutrients is used to deliver vitamins, bio-nutrition, and trace elements to your plants. This helps replenish minerals and micro-organisms and helps improve the uptake of water and nutrients in your plants. As a result, plants, shrubs, and trees grow longer-lasting blooms and generate greater fruit production.

Application 3-6 (May-October)

Insect and Disease Control and Prevention

Your trees and shrubs are a large investment! These treatments help to control and prevent damage. There are 4 applications every 30-40 days during this application time. They all protect from chewing/sucking insects and fungal diseases. The applications protect and monitor for these insects and diseases:

  • Leaf Spot Fungus
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Sooty Mold
  • Scale Insects
  • Aphids
  • Spider Mites
  • Caterpillar
  • White Fly
  • Lace Bugs
  • and more

Whenever possible, Emerald uses systemic pesticides that are absorbed by the plant itself. They work their way through the plant’s tissues to kill disease and insects proving to be much better for your overall landscape and the environment.

Application 7 (November-December)

Root Zone Feeding and Fall Harmonizer

Trees and shrubs require a balanced nutrient mix for proper growth and survival. Fertilizer is needed to take place of the humus that appears in their natural habitat. The essential fall fertilization will replenish nutrients in the soil. This application will relieve stress caused by the Central Texas summers making the landscape less prone to disease. With winter coming, it also aids in critical root development to foster healthy trees and shrubs, preparing the soil for the season by enabling better uptake of the vital nutrients.

Trees and shrubs serviced

Trees serviced: Bradford Pear, Cypress Family, Cedar Elm, Lace Balk Elm, Magnolia, Oak Family, Red Bud, Salvia, Texas Ash, Texas Mountain Laurel, Silver Leaf Maple

Shrubs serviced: Agave, Bicolor Iris, Crepe Myrtle, Cotoneaster, Euonymus, Gardenia, Holly, Illiagnus, Indian Hawthorne, Japanese Boxwood, Japanese Yew, Lantana, Ligustrum, Loropetilum, Nandina, Oleander, Pittosporum, Pyrocantha, Red Tip Photenia, Roses, Red Yucca, Soft leaf Yucca, Sago Palm, Mexican Fan Palm, Salvia, Sky Pencil, Texas Sage, Veriagated Privot, Viburnum, Vinca, Wax Myrtles, Dwarf Yaupon, Yaupon Hollies

*Adult trees are not treated, such as trees over 25 feet, native oak, and cedar trees that were on your property before your home was constructed.

Oak, Monterrey

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