Core Value: Have Fun and Tree Trimming

Doesn’t this picture make you happy? Real smiles are the best. This is Eleazar (we call him Laser) and he is one of our fantastic, long-time foremen.  Core Value: Have Fun At Top Choice one of our core values is to”have fun”. We define fun as: laughing, winning, working hard and serving. We don’t really […]

More Water = Better?

More isn’t always better: Years ago I really wanted my lawn to look great so I decided to add more water. More = better. That is always the right answer…isn’t it? So, I watered every day (this was before I understood water restrictions). Let’s avoid the obvious first issues (money, waste, regulations). But this is […]

Gallons a Day…

This post is brought to you by Mathias (one of the interns). Gallons of Water a Day Keeps the Texas Sun Away Who knew the human body could drink so much water? As I sat in the shade in my own pool of sweat, I thought to myself that this was not the summer of […]

Another Thought on COVID

Operating in this environment: It’s hard Thankfully, we are still operating.  But… wow. It is hard to make good long term decisions right now – some days it is impossible. Each morning is a new challenge – it is not abnormal to have very significant changes last second. We pride ourselves in excellent operations and […]

Mosquitoes and Other Things

Mosquitoes are coming….The beginning of the wave is here. How do we know? Nolan’s fat little kids are like magnets.   Simple things to minimize mosquitoes…  – Gutters – The leaves and pollen have fallen and your gutters may be clogged – a mosquito paradise.  – Toys – Toys from kids or dogs often catch […]

Some Rough Thoughts on Working in the World of COVID

There is too much to write.  I assume people wouldn’t really be that interested.  But perhaps someone is interested, so I thought I would share a little of our experience in these weird/unprecedented/sucky times.    Some rough thoughts: Office is working from home. We are so fortunate that Golden is so Tech savvy. He already […]

Good landscaping article

Short post: We like to write about what is going on in Central Texas and in the process we run into a good number of resources and blogs that are valuable. I wanted to share one today.  100 Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards and Backyards Cheers!

Live Oak Leaves

Warning…this song will get in your head. It’s raining leaves! Hallelujah! It’s raining leaves! (Think – “It’s raining men” – this is a ridiculous music video) Live oaks leaves Live oaks are called live oaks because they rarely fully shed their leaves – they are semi-deciduous. Several times per year there is a large leaf […]

Common Winter Weed – Dandelion

Dandelions  Can be found in all 50 States (even Hawaii and Alaska) My kids’ favorite (we always look for them) Stems used in salads by some.  Could have valuable health effects when eaten. Deep Taproot The yellow flower has been used in dyes Broad leaf – how it’s classified for weed treatments.  A potential source […]

Crape Myrtles of Central Texas

Crape Myrtles of Central Texas Crape Myrtles are extraordinarily resilient, making them a great candidate for your Central Texas yard. Here are some quick pointers: There are over 100 varieties of Crape Myrtles in Texas.  Varieties can differ in mature height (3 feet to 40 feet) and in mature form (Tree, Miniature, shrub-like and weeping).  […]

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