Holiday Lights

There is nothing better than a little Christmas cheer. We love the holidays – each year we make a wager on when Golden will start playing Christmas music (usually about July). Hanging holiday lights is a challenge – it can be exhausting and very dangerous. We take special care to train our team to ensure that we give you the best performance possible. Additionally, you can rest assured we are fully insured. We would love the chance to add to your Holiday spirit this year! If you are still in doubt, we recommend visiting our team page or looking at our online reviews!

Holiday Lighting

We want your home to look beautiful during the holiday season. We’ll provide the lights, make maintenance repairs, and take them down when the season is over. We’d be happy to provide you with a free estimate to help you make the holidays more enjoyable with your friends and family.  Simply let us know what you’d like us to estimate, or give us a general idea and we’ll make some recommendations.


Our crews are professional, permanent employees of Top Choice Lawn Care.  They are not seasonal employees that have no interest in the success of our company.  They’re the same workers that perform your lawn care and landscaping during the warmer months.

We’ll install white, red and white, or assorted colors on your home using a clip that is safe to use on shingle, tile, or metal roofing.  We can install lights along sidewalks, driveways, around pillars, on fence lines, railings, etc.  We can install mini-lights on trees and shrubs, around windows – you name it.  Simply let us know what you’re interested in, and we can help customize your lights to fit your budget.


We’d love to hang your wreath for you.  Simply let us know when you’d like it hung – and we’ll let you know the pricing.  You will receive additional discounting if we install your wreath simultaneously with your holiday lights.  However, we can certainly come back to hang your wreath at the time you prefer.

Repairing Lights

Occasionally, because of a defect or weather, bulbs will burn out.  Sometimes an animal or neighbor will clip a wire.  Simply let us know, and within 48 hours, we’ll have someone at your home to repair or replace the broken lights.

Take Down

Beginning on January 2nd, we begin taking down the holiday lights.  The take down is included in the cost of the installation.  This includes removing the lights from the home, and storing them in a storage bin with any notes that we need about the installation.  We’ll provide the storage bin that will have a label on the outside with our phone, email, and web information for next year’s installation.  Regardless if you use our services the next year, the lights are yours to keep.  However, the advantage of returning to us the following year, is that you’ll receive a tremendous discount on the installation.
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