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Payment Policy

Lawn care services are automatically charged to your credit card at the beginning of every week for services provided the previous week.  All other services, including landscaping, holiday light installation, and other one-time services will be charged to your credit card the following business day.

All services estimated for more than $2,000 are subject to the following special considerations:

  • A payment of sixty percent of the total estimate must be paid before work begins.
  • Final payment and all change orders are due upon substantial completion of project, and the account will be considered past due after five days.

All past due accounts will be subject to an immediate late charge of eighteen percent (18%) of the outstanding balance, or twenty five dollars ($25), whichever is greater, and we will continue to assess this same fee every fifteen days until the account has been settled in full.

Future service can be canceled or postponed at our discretion without notice on all past due accounts.

We reserve the right to lien any and all properties where services are provided according to the Texas State Constitution and relevant laws. Accounts past due sixty days may receive notice of intent to lien.

All cost incurred in the collection of past due balances, finance charges associated to the above, and any legal fees resulting from the above collections are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Lawn Care Services

Clients will be notified by Top Choice of service day, frequency, and price for all regularly scheduled lawn care services. Top Choice will inform the clients when rain or other unforeseen circumstances delay service, and Top Choice will reschedule the service as soon as possible.

Any and all work requested by clients in addition to the regular scheduled service will be billed at our normal rate.

The client is responsible for granting access to the property by providing all necessary access codes, opening any locked gates, or providing required keys. Properties with restricted access to portions of the service area may be charged at the normal rate. If a second service is required after access is granted will require at least 50% of original price.

Moving or removing obstructions, toys, lawn furniture, trash cans, garden hoses, and other debris prior to regular services is the responsibility of the client. As a courtesy Top Choice will move reasonable obstructions to allow service but will not be held responsible for damages. Excessive obstacles or debris requiring more than five minutes to remove will result in an additional fee. Top Choice will not be responsible for damages to property left within the service area, or damages caused by moving property obstructing the service area.

Top Choice is not responsible for damage to irrigation systems that occur during regular maintenance. Properly installed and functioning sprinklers should sit below the grass level, and should not be damaged by our service under normal conditions. Properly installed valve cover lids are occasionally damaged by crews, and may be repaired by Top Choice for no additional charge.

Landscaping Services

Plant Guarantee

Because many things can cause a plant or shrub to die, there are no guarantees on plants or shrubs of any kind. If you'd prefer to purchase your own plants, and work with a desired retailer, we can provide the labor for installation.  Transplanted plants from the site have no guarantee, though every precaution will be made to assure their survival.


On all irrigation systems the owner is responsible for the water source. If pressure is determined to be inadequate and a booster pump is required, an additional cost will be incurred. The electrical source will be the owner's responsibility. Top Choice will guarantee work under normal conditions. Top Choice or its representative will adjust heads, set control box, and review system with owner one time. If Top Choice is requested to make a second separate trip to review the irrigation system, the owner will incur additional charges. If another party installs under pavement sleeves for the lines, said contractor or the owner will be responsible for locating the sleeves before Top Choice proceeds. If Top Choice is required to locate sleeves or provide new sleeves, an additional labor and equipment charge will be incurred.

Holiday Lighting Service and Repairs

Holiday lighting services include repairs and removal of lighting at no additional charge. All repairs will be completed within three business days of the reported problem. Repairs on holiday lighting left up outside of the normal holiday lighting season (October through January) will be subject to additional fees. Holiday Lighting removal will occur in January.

The property owner is responsible for the electrical source for the holiday lighting system. Damage to the property or holiday lights caused by faulty GFCIs, bad breakers, or other unforeseen problem in the existing electrical system are the sole responsibility of the property owner.

Bids and Estimates

The client warrants having full legal right to authorize Top Choice to perform the service or project at the location indicated in the proposal or service agreement.

All proposals are subject to revision if not accepted within thirty (30) days. Proposals are based on the current price of labor and materials and can be adjusted after a thirty (30) day period for any unanticipated increases in same.