Autumn Sage (Salvia greggii)

Another great selection for adding a vibrant splash of color to your yard is the Autumn Sage. Salvia greggii (Autumn sage) #31346

Native to Central Southwest Texas, this perennial shrub remains green during the entirety of the year while blooming March-November.  The Flowers are usually red in color, but can come in varying  shades of pink, orange, white, and purple.  Here are some additional facts about the Autumn Sage in order to help you determine if it is a good fit for your yard: 

  • Usually grow to be approximately 3′ in diameter 
  • Low amount of water usage
  • Their flowers attract hummingbirds 
  • Thrives in areas where sunlight is plentiful
  • Requires dry soil  
  • There are numerous subspecies which are grouped under the name “Salvia greggii types” 


* Much of this information was gathered from the Central Texas Gardener and the Texas AgriLife Extension.