Yucca Pallida

The Yucca Pallida is another great option when it comes to selecting flora for your landscape.  Native to Central Texas, the Yucca Pallida uses very little water and unlike many other Yucca species it stays close to the ground never developing a stem nor growing to more than approximately 3 feet in height.  It blooms in May-June by shooting a stock up from the center of the plant off of which flowers emerge that are whitish in color.  Here are some additional facts about the Yucca Pallida and how you can best husband it and ensure that it adds the level of vibrancy to your landscape that you are looking for:

  • They usually grow to be approximately 3′ tall
  • They have low amount of water usage but require good soil drainage
  • They attract butterflies
  • They are perennials (meaning that they survive during multiple seasons)
  • They thrive in areas of heavy sunlight and/or partial shade
  • Also called the Pale Leaf Yucca due to the complexion of it’s silvery leaves

* Much of this information was gathered from the Central Texas Gardener and the Texas AgriLife Extension.

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