Fall Yard Tips for Texas

Why is Fall so important for my yard?  Fall is is such an important time of year for your yard. Most people think of spring as the time to add plants, flowers, and to make the world a little greener. Fall is a great time to plant – and in Austin – it may even […]

Plants die in my yard every winter. How can I keep everything alive in the winter?

Possible Answer: Mulch – One of the many benefits of mulch is that it helps regulate the soil temperature.  It acts like a blanket over the soil.  It will protect the delicate root systems of plants over the winter months.  If you have a hard time keeping plants alive over winter, make sure you have […]

Grass is growing all over my planting beds. How do I get rid of it and stop it from growing back?

Possible Answer:  Common Bermuda and Weed Grasses – Most weed grasses, and common Bermuda, spread through seeds.  If your lawn has common Bermuda, make sure you mow weekly to keep the grass from going to seed.  (Most Bermuda lawns are Hybrid Bermuda and do not seed.)  The best solution is to pull the grass out […]

My grass isn’t as green as I would like, what do I do?

Possible Answer: Fertilization – This is the first thing to do if you think your lawn should be greener.  Austin area lawns have almost no Nitrogen and little organic matter in the soil.  Supplementing the existing nutrients in the soil with a solid professional fertilization program will solve a big chunk of the issues with […]

Why is there a part of my yard that is always swampy and wet?

Possible Answer: Broken Irrigation – If a portion of the yard is swampy and wet, the first thing to check is the Irrigation system.  Run the sprinklers for a few minutes per zone and walk around and check things out.  Sometimes there is an obvious problem that isn’t noticed because your irrigation runs early in […]

Why do I have a large brown spot in my yard when it gets hot?

Possible Answer: Too Little Water – As our heat increases, the grass needs more and more water to stay healthy.  If only a single portion of the yard is struggling simply turning up the water may not be enough.  Something could be wrong with the irrigation system. A common problem is bad sprinkler head coverage.  […]

My lawn is getting thin and fading. What is wrong?

Possible Answer: Shade – Shade is an incredibly common problem in our area.  Our wonderful Live Oaks and other native trees generally make our lives better, but they can literally murder a lawn.  The tree canopies spread and capture as much of the sunlight as possible, often leaving little light under the tree.  The canopy […]

5 Best Shade Trees for Austin

Best Shade Trees for Austin Texas Here are 5 of the best shade trees in Austin and Central Texas. It is hard to say that one is better than another, it really depends on the micro-climate and your specific needs. This is meant to be a quick overview. If you want more information, we are […]

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