Fall Yard Tips for Texas

Why is Fall so important for my yard? 

Fall is is such an important time of year for your yard. Most people think of spring as the time to add plants, flowers, and to make the world a little greener. Fall is a great time to plant – and in Austin – it may even be the best time to plant. Plants are smart (in a planty kind of way) and in the fall they start to prepare for the winter. They store energy in their roots – fall is the best time to build resiliency in your yard for the Texas heat. As a general rule in Texas – heat kills far more plants than cold. Here are a few fall yard tips.

What can I do now to help my yard? 

  1. Go outside. Glare at your yard. Breathe the cooler air. Channel your inner Chuck Norris (powerful, self-confident, intimidating, epic). Get to work. (This is also where you could call us if you want). 
  2. Lawn – As a lawn care company we obviously like grass. Here are a few services that we do in our own yards. 
    1. Aerate – loosen the soil. It allows for better root development and depth. Want to learn more?
    2. Top Dress – Add some great soil to your lawn. More on Top Dressing here
    3. Fertilization and weed control – Like we said earlier, fall is when your turf develops roots and prepares for the winter. It makes sense to give your grass the extra boost it needs to make the best of the fall. Additionally, many of the weeds in the spring are planted in the fall and winter. You can help mitigate these pests by using a properly designed program for your yard and apply pre-emergents. There are lots of folks that will back this up. For more on our fertilization and weed control program, visit here
    4. Irrigation – It is still so important. Don’t stop just because the fall gets a bit more rain. 
  3. Trees, Shrubs and Plants- This is probably the biggest take away. Fall is a season to think about trees, shrubs and plants. 
    1. Plant in the fall
    2. Laugh a lot with your plants – Your neighbors may think you are crazy, but I guarantee you will be a happier person. Laughter is the best. 
    3. Plant in the fall
    4. Plant in the fall – Did we make our point yet? Fall is a great time to plant because it gives the plants and trees the most time to get established before the brutal Texas heat. 
    5. Trimming – you can still trim trees and shrubs at this time of year (including oaks), but if you are looking to do any transplanting or a winter cut back, wait. 
  4. Improve your yard’s usability 
    1. Plan for the fall holidays with a simple outdoor patio – We make these out of flagstone and crushed granite. They look great, are affordable and transform a useless part of your yard into a seating area or fire pit. 
    2. Washers or horseshoes – I am obsessed with yard games (much to my wife’s chagrin). Here’s a bit more for you.
    3. Add Privacy with Trees and Hedges – No need to greet your neighbor every time you step outside.  Add a privacy hedge, or a screen of trees.  Not only do plant canopies block line of sight, the branches and leaves act as a natural baffle to absorb sound.  You may still hear that neighborhood garage band, but it would be nice to drop the racket a few dozen decibels.

Thanks for reading our novella. We want to be helpful. Please let us know if you want to discuss any of the above options.  We’d be happy to answer questions or provide an estimate.