Bed Creation

Two of the best ways to improve your outdoor living space: 1) Edging and 2) Rock as a ground cover


We install a lot of steel edging for beds and trees. This is a great, cost effective way to make a crisp separation between turf and mulch or rock. If you want a more established look, you may want to consider a lime stone edging. As you can see in the pictures, we can mortar in a curved edge or circle around a tree. 

Rock as a Ground Cover

We do not do patio installations, but we will do rock as a ground cover which includes compacted decomposed granite. A nice DG pad is a great addition to an outdoor living space. You can even add a large outdoor rug and you have yourself a barefoot friendly zone. 

Other reasons you may want rock installed: erosion, mud problems in an area that can’t grow turf, aesthetics, xeriscaping. 

Landscape Services