Mosquito Tips

We have started seeing mosquitoes. It is only going to get worse. We wanted to give you some quick info that could possibly help. Also, below, please notice the section on erosion. 

Some mosquito facts:

  • They can detect carbon dioxide from ~150ft. 
  • They suck. Forgive me. Couldn’t resist.
  • Only the females bite (for nutrients to lay eggs). 

Some advice on mosquito mitigation:

  • Standing water = mosquitoes. Walk your yard and dump out standing water. Think about kids’ toys, unmaintained bird baths, tire swings, grills, trash cans and the random plant pots around the side of your house.
  • Gutters. If you have clogged up gutters, those little monsters like to breed in the water caught up there. Clean out your gutters (we can do this for you if you’d like).
  • Keep your yard well maintained – overgrown turf and shrubs are a great habitat for mosquitoes. We may just possibly be able to help with this one too…
  • Wear a bee suit every day, all day. Or cover yourself in mud. Or both. This is not guaranteed to work, but may help.

Know what mosquitoes don’t like / What works?:

  • Use fans, even outside. It is harder for mosquitoes to fly against an air current. Also fans disperse carbon dioxide.
  • Here is an article that summarizes a recent study on what works and what doesn’t. Link. Hint: Citronella candles don’t work.  
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