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The following is a blog article written by Mark. Mark is the blogger for Foosball Zone. He wants to make foosball popular again like it was in the good old days.

Top 5 Outdoor Games 

The perk of having a backyard is the opportunity to have fun and play the many amazing games . If you are thinking of what you can do or where you can go this weekend with your family, just let me remind you that everything you need is in your backyard. Make a barbecue; prepare refreshing drinks and prepare yourself for the entire day filled with great outdoor games:


Cornhole is a game which is popular for all ages. It is a great DIY project because it is actually pretty simple to make. You only have to deal with one material: wood.  Even though the game is called cornhole, you don’t have to use the actual corn in the bag. You can use bean if you are doing the game at home, or you can buy the game and get the bags already filled with something. The goal of the game is to toss the bag in the hole form a specific distance. You can make a championship and increase the distance after every round.

Spike ball

If you are athletic and you find each of the games above too calm, I have something special for you then. Spike ball is a combination of volleyball and hot potatoes. it is a game where you will jump, run and be out of breath immediately. For the game, you need one ball and bouncing net (for the ball, not you). You are divided into two teams and the game starts when one player hits the ball on the net so the ball can bounce off. The opponent players have to toss the ball 3 times between them and then return the ball on the net, so it bounces to the first team. It is very similar to the volleyball and the best part is that there is no field. It doesn’t matter where you bounce the ball the opposite player has to hit it to his teammate. I believe you can see why I say that it is a very active game.


For badminton, you would need a big backyard and a day without wind. If you can manage both of those things, then you must play badminton! You can play it in 2 or even 4, where you play 2 against 2. If you want to play badminton you will need racquets for badminton and the shuttlecock. The shuttlecock is a special badminton ball which can be made from plastic and feathers.


Another good old game you can play in your backyard and you really don’t need much for it. Everything you need is a part of the backyard you can cover with sand, one metal stick you can put it in the ground and few horseshoes. Now, you don’t have to use the actual horseshoes because you can get the entire game in a store. The main goal of the game is to put as many horseshoes you can on the stick, by throwing them from a specific distance. It is a game of precision and it is not as easy as it sounds.

Disc golf

Disc golf is a rather unknown game but it is extremely interesting and it will keep you focused all the time. It is a combination of good old golf and Frisbee. The rules are similar to the golf, but you have to play it with a small disc that looks like Frisbee. So, the main goal is to put the disc in the basket the fastest. No, I am not talking about speed, I am talking that you have to achieve that in the smallest amount of tries – just like golf. It is rather challenging because you have to throw the disc in the basket, which is on a stick. This game will definitely keep the entire family occupied and on the edge. 

About the author: Mark is a blogger who has a blog called the Foosball Zone. He wants to make foosball popular again like it was in the good old days!


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