Austin Waterwise and Landscaping Rebates from Austin Water

You may already know about Austin Waterwise and how Austin Water provides up to $1000 in rebates for water-saving irrigation upgrades, but did you know that they reward landscaping services as well? Take a look and see if you can save some water (and some cash!) with Austin Water’s rebate programs (updated for 2024).

Landscape Survival Tools” Program

Get up to $120 for compost, mulch, and core aeration service.

Check out the FAQs for this rebate program.

“Waterwise Landscape” Program

Thinking about adding some new beds? The Austin Waterwise Landscape program offers up to $3,000 when you convert turf grass to native plant beds.

New beds must convert at least 500 square feet and use native/adapted plants from the Grow Green Plant Guide (Austin Water may approve any substitutions). The beds must have at least 50% plant cover with 2-3 inches of organic mulch. Installation must occur between March 15 and May 15 and/or September 15 and November 15.

Check out the FAQ document for more rules and information about this program. Note that pre-approval is required before purchasing project materials.

“Waterwise Rainscape” Program

The Austin Waterwise Rainscape program offers up to $1,500 for landscape features (berms, terraces, swales, rain gardens, porous pavement, etc.) to keep rainwater on the property. Rainscapes can help to prevent runoff and reduce the amount of paid water used for landscape watering. Rock paths and other rock enhancements may apply.

Visit the City of Austin Website to learn more and apply. Note that pre-approval is required before purchasing project materials.

Rebate Program Requirements

All rebate applicants must be a single-family customer of Austin Water or a qualifying water provider. They must be the property owner or utility account holder.

Visit the City of Austin Website for a full list of rules and restrictions for each rebate program.

How to apply for Austin Water Rebates

We can’t submit a rebate request for you, but we can provide itemized and dated receipts/invoices you’ll need. Submit your application within 90 days from purchase date, and you’ll need to include photos showing final installation of each applicable item. The City of Austin says you’ll need to wait 6-8 weeks for your Austin Water rebate check.

Visit the City of Austin Rebate Application Form to learn more and apply!