Holiday Lighting

We want your home to look its best this holiday season with beautiful holiday lighting from Top Choice Lawn Care. Allow us the opportunity to decorate your home at an affordable price. Top Choice will provide the lights, install them, maintain them and repair them, and take them down after the holidays are over.


At Top Choice Lawn Care, we recognize that our people have skills, abilities, and preferences. For this reason, our landscaping (i.e. beauty-appreciating, patient) crews handle landscaping, and our lawn care (i.e. machine-loving) crews only perform lawn care. We have noticed tremendous results – and so have our customers!

Lawn Care

We’ll cut your grass, trim the hedges, and blow the debris from your yard – just like most companies. How are we different? Our crews are experienced – average 5+ years of working with Top Choice. Our trimmers, the hardest part about lawn care, have been trimming for us on average of 7+ years. You’re sure to have straight lines and long-lasting fences. Simply put, we do it better than anyone else.


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Landscape Services